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Turn is a new series of luminaires in a minimalist, cylindrical design.  

The luminaires are flexible and can be adjusted in any direction. 

Three beam angles: 38, 19, or 12 degrees.





Material Cast aluminium
Powder coating Graphite grey: YW355F, Akzo Nobel
Silver grey: Y2370I, Akzo Nobel
Corten brown: YX355F, Akzo Nobel
Black: Noir 900 Sablé, SN351F, Akzo Nobel
Shade Clear glass with silked edge
Honeycomb filter optional
Mounting Standard brackets for Ø76 mm cylindrical pole
Adjustable brackets for conical pole and cylindrical > Ø76 mm
Adapter for Ø60 mm pole optional
Delivered with 8.5 m lead, 2 x 1 mm2
Connection In the pole
Classification IP66, class II; use code for class I
Impact resistance IK08
Corrosion class C4
Weight 6 kg
Wind sweeping area 0,053 m2


LED type Bridgelux V18
Beam angle wide, medium or narrow (38, 19, or 12 degrees)
Operational life min 100,000 hours at ta max 25° C, L80B10
Colour temperature 2700, 3000, or 4000 Kelvin
Colour rendering min 80 Ra, 90 Ra optional
Colour accuracy 3 steps SDCM
Luminous power 2700K: 400-4700 lm, CLO
3000K: 410-5000 lm, CLO
4000K: 425-5100 lm, CLO
Output ratio Up to 80 per cent


Driver Xitanium Full Xi FP 40 W 0.3-1.0 A, programmable
Inrush current max 22 A (50% after 290 µs)
Surge protection L/N-GND: 10 kV
L-N: 6 kV
Operational life 100,000 hours
Dimming 5 steps dimming within the lumen intervals
Alternative dimming DALI, phase, and voltage
DALI via Zhaga book 18 socket

Variants and options


Item No. Turn Spot
8836- V18, wide 38°, programmable, max 35 W
8837- V18, medium 19°, programmable, max 35 W
8838- V18, narrow 12°, programmable, max 35 W

Arm for wall mount
8011- Arm for 1 fixture
8012- Arm for 2 fixtures
Arm and fixture will be assembled by Focus Lighting

Design pole Conical pole with Ø76 mm cylindrical rod
3170- 4 meter pole
3172- 5.5 meter pole
3174- 7 meter pole
1714-1 Adapter for Ø60 mm pole
50200 Rooted base Ø108-140

Fuse box
97033 Fuse box for 1 Neozed fuse up to 16 A
97070 Fuse box for 2 Neozed fuses up to 16 A

Combine with

Select colour, colour temperature, dimming, etc. in the table.

Colour Colour temperature
4 = graphite grey 827 = 2700 K, 80 Ra
9 = silver grey 830 = 3000 K, 80 Ra
17 = corten brown 840 = 4000 K, 80 Ra
66 = noir 900

Dimming Protection class
empty = programmable empty = class II
D = DALI (4-conductor cable) J = class I
F = phase
R = DALI via Zhaga book 18 socket
RC = Zhaga book 18 socket, City Touch

Filter Mounting
empty = no filter empty = brackets for cylindrical pole, Ø76 mm
Y = honeycomb filter B90 = brackets for conical pole, Ø 60-90 mm
B121 = brackets for conical pole, Ø 91-121 mm

Example: 8836-9830J = Turn Spot, wide, max 4600 lm, programmable, silver grey, 3000 K, 80 Ra, class I

Media & downloads


Turn Spot x 3, graphite grey


Turn Spot x 3, graphite grey, Company House Center South, Copenhagen. DesignGroup Architects

More images

Turn Spot x 3, graphite grey, Center South, Copenhagen

More images

Turn Spot x 3, graphite grey


Turn Spot x 3, graphite grey, Company House Center South, Copenhagen. DesignGroup Architects

More images

Turn Spot, graphite grey


Turn Spot in the outdoor area of the AAU-CPH university. Architects: PLAN+LANDSKAB Mangor & Nagel

Video with Turn projects

Mangor & Nagel PLAN+LANDSKAB using strong colours in the city space.

Video with Turn projects

Three spots at 5.5 meter post, image by Friis & Moltke Design


Two spots at 4 meter post, image by Friis & Moltke Design

DesignFRIIS & MOLTKE Design

Turn is a new luminaire series by FRIIS & MOLTKE Design for Focus Lighting.

More on FRIIS & MOLTKE Design here.