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Focus LightingTake Back Concept

The long-term, sustainable approach is not new to us. Since 1975 we have made timeless designs that last, and most of which are still servicable.

We regard operational life as the essential factor in the climate footprint of a luminaire. But even good design of high quality will have to be restored or recycled at some time.

For this purpose we have made a unique Focus Lighting Take Back Concept. In our Recycle & Service Center we renovate your old Focus luminaires and give them a 2nd life.

We have designed, engineered, and manufactured luminaires for almost 50 years, and we can handle the Take Back process better than anybody else.


Modular design


Already in the design proces we prepare the luminaire for long life and the possiblity of upgrading with new technology.

Modular design


We do not change the fundamental design when adjusting to new technology.

Modular design


Die casting of housing for Nyx 330, which is available in several variants. The housing is the same; different lighting modules will suit the same housing.

Modular design


Die casting of the Nyx 330 housing takes place in Denmark.

Modular design


Assembly and testing of Nyx 330 takes place at the workshop in Kokkedal.

Modular design


Service or exchange of the lighting module in Nyx 330 can take place on site.

Modular design


Nyx 330 is available in several variants, each of which will suit the local environment in regard to lighting and design.

SustainableDesign philosophy

Our sustainable design philosophy is the foundation of the long operational life of luminaires. In the initial design and construction process we incorporate the possiblity of repair, exchange of wear parts, upgrading to new technology, etc.

We do not change the fundamental design of a luminaire, even if technical developments mean radical changes. In by far the most cases, new components can be built into existing luminaires.

Take Back

With our Take Back Concept we offer the most sustainable solution within circularity. We aim at securing that the luminaires we bring to market are servicable during their operational life, that components can be reused in new luminaires, materials be recycled, or that old luminaires get a 2nd life.

We take luminaires in for repair if repair is not possible on site. However, the primary purpose of our Take Back offer is the authorized renovation of old luminaires. With new components they get new life with new guarantee period and correct CE labeling.

A circular processlasting through generations

We take responsibility and make sustainable action possible in all phases of the circular process.

We handle and test all luminiaires in our assembly shop in Kokkedal before shipment.

Operational life: Due to good design, long-lasting materials, and servicability, the Focus luminaires offer long operational life and can live from generation to generation.

Recycle & Service Center: We take responsibility and open up for taking luminaires back for renovation or sustainable reuse of components and materials.

We handle materials best possible

We know our products and each single component better than anybody else. Consequently, we can handle worn-out luminaires and sort parts for reuse, recycling, or sustainable disposal.

An example: luminaire housings, most of which are cast in recycled aluminium. The quality of the aluminium is so high that aluminium can be recycled several times. We send our aluminium parts to Swedish Stena, a metal handling company supplying recycled metals to die-casting all over the world.



High-quality aluminium can be used several times.



Recycled aluminium from Stena



Recycled aluminium for die-casting at Ceropa, Svendborg, Denmark



Nyx 330 - die casting, Ceropa, Svendborg



Nyx 330 - die casting at Ceropa, Svendborg



Nyx 330 - processing at Ceropa, Svendborg



Nyx 330 - raw aluminium



Nyx 330 - raw aluminium

Focus onSDGs

Focus Lighting will contribute to many of the 17 SDGs, laid down by UN for sustainable development towards 2030.

However, goal 12, Responsible consumption and production, is essential in our attempts to create a circular life cycle for our products and the materials they are made of.

We are proud to claim that we contribute to responsible consumption and sustainable production.

CaseH+M 2nd life

Together with the Municipality of Gladsaxe we have made it possible to reuse H+M luminaires that are more than 30 years old.

Gladsaxe Municipality has collected various H+M variants in local institutions and sent them to us for renovation.

In our Recycle & Service Center we have equipped the luminaires with LED modules instead of the old light source modules. Furthermore we have provided new shades due to improved quality of plastics in regard to yellowing and visibility of components. The luminaires are back in Gladsaxe where they live their 2nd life in some of the municipal institutions.

2nd Life


2nd life to H+M pendants and ceiling luminaires

2nd Life


H+M Pendant being renovated at our Recycle & Service Center

2nd Life


H+M lable - maybe 35 years old. After refurbishment the luminaire is ready with new CE labeling and new warranty.

2nd Life


After refurbishment the luminaire is ready with new CE labeling and new warranty.

2nd Life


New LED module for the H+M luminaires

2nd Life


H+M pendants ready for new life in the institutions of Gladsaxe Municipality.

2nd Life


H+M 300 Pendant

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