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Stoa by Anne Qvist Design Office is characterised by the large surface offering excellent illumination.  

Stoa can be used outside and in, and it meets the safety demands in emergency areas. For this purpose it comes with a shade in opal-white, flame-proof polycarbonate. For other applications we recommend Stoa with a shade in UV-resistant acrylate with a very elegant appearance. 





Material Cast aluminium
Coating White or black
Shade Opal-white acrylate PMMA or polycarbonate
Mounting On ceiling or wall
Connection max two cables, 5 x 1.5 mm², into 5-pole terminal block, 2 x 2.5 mm²
Classification IP54, class I, class II optional
Impact resistance IK07
Weight 2 kg

LED and driver data

LED type 213 mm board
Operational life min 50,000 hours at ta max 25° C
Total consumption 10 or 14 W
Colour temperature 2700, 3000, or 4000 Kelvin
Colour rendering min 90 Ra
Output ratio 62% (acrylate), 75% (polycarbonate)

Driver LED driver, 20 W, dimming optional
Inrush current max 5 A (50% after 50 µs)
Operational life min 100,000 hours



Item No. Stoa
6830- 10 W LED, 350 mA
6831- 14 W LED, 500 mA

Combine with

Select colour, shade, etc. in the table below.

Colour Shade
1 = white A = acrylate
3 = black P = polycarbonate

Colour temperature Dimming
927 = 2700 K, 90 Ra empty = no dimming
930 = 3000 K, 90 Ra V = 1-10 V
940 = 4000 K, 90 Ra D = Dali

Protection class
empty = class I
K = class II

Example Item No.: 6830-1A930D = Stoa, 10 W, white, shade in acrylate, 3000 K 90 Ra, Dali, class I

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Stoa interior and exterior for stairways  - Emiliedalen

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Stoa - private residence


Stoa is designed by Anne Qvist Design Office. The principal idea with Stoa was to create a fitting with a large illuminated area and fine light qualities.  

More about AQDO here.