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The H+M luminaires are easy to install and to maintain. Safety is high with the shade in impact-resistant acrylate and no direct entry to the light source. The shade is also available in flame-proof polycarbonate. 

The H+M for recession is also available with shade in sand-blasted acrylate. The sand-blasting proces is excellent for high opacity and superior light diffusion. The sandblasted shade is an integral part of the luminaire, whereas the standard shade lies loose in the housing edge. 


Ø 300



Material Aluminium
Coating White or grey metallic
Shade, loose Opal-white polycarbonate
Shade, firm Micro prismatic acrylate
Mounting To be recessed, option for reinforcement of ceiling
Cut-out Ø275-280 mm
Thickness of plate 10-40 mm
Built-in height 100 mm from lower ceiling edge, cables included
Recommended distance to construction: 50 mm
Connection max two cables, 5 x 1.5 mm², into 5-pole terminal block, 2 x 2.5 mm²
Classification IP20, class I
Weight 2 kg

LED and driver data

LED type 244 mm board
Operational life min 50,000 hours at ta max 25° C, L80B10
Total consumption 11 or 15 W
Colour temperature 2700, 3000, or 4000 Kelvin
Tunable White: 2700-6500 Kelvin
Colour rendering min 90 Ra
Colour accuracy 3 steps SCDM
Output ratio 80%

Driver LED driver, 20 W, dimming optional
Inrush current max 5 A (50% after 50 µs)
Operational life min 50,000 hours

Variants and options


Item No. H+M 300 recessed
2860- 11 W LED, 350 mA
2861- 15 W LED, 500 mA

2860-001 Reinforcement of soft ceilings, H+M 300

Combine with

Select colour, colour temperature, etc. in the table below.

Colour Shade
1 = white P = polycarbonate
3 = black M = micro prismatic acrylate
9 = grey metallic

Colour temperature Dimming
927 = 2700 K, 90 Ra empty = no dimming
930 = 3000 K, 90 Ra V = 1-10 V
940 = 4000 K, 90 Ra D = Dali
9WD = tunable white, Dali, 90 Ra

Example Item No.: 2860-1P930V = H+M 300 recessed, 11 W, white, 3000 K, 90 Ra, dimmable 1-10 V

Media & downloads


Sweco Architects have used the H+M 380 in grey metallic at Nørre Gymnasium, Copenhagen.

More photos here

H+M 300 recessed, Musholm Holiday Resort, Korsør.

More photos from Musholm.

DesignChristian Hvidt Design

The H+M luminaires, designed by Christian Hvidt in the 80'es, are out-and-out retro with modern technology. The new minimalist versions appear light and blend into the preferred style. 
The H+M luminaires are classics within interior lighting and rank high as some of the most downloaded fittings in the 3D portal BimObject

Christian Hvidt is active as a freelance designer for Danish and international companies, especially within furniture and lighting.