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WAY top entry

"Showing the Way"

WAY is a flexible street luminaire to be mounted on arm or wire. 

Like the other AART designs, WAY is modern lines in a classic form - a Nordic design that will suit streets and urban space in any city in the world.

The unique shade offers optical guidance and reduces discomfort glare to a minimum. 


WAY top entry



WAY top entry
Material Cast aluminium
Powder coating Graphite grey: YW355F, Akzo Nobel
Silver grey: Y2370I, Akzo Nobel
Corten brown: YX355F, Akzo Nobel
Black: Noir 900 Sablé, SN315F, Akzo Nobel
Shade Clear, impact resistance PMMA with frosted edge
Mounting G 3/4" threaded tube
Connection In the post
Delivered with lead; either 2 pcs 2 m 1x2.5 mm2 or 1 pcs 10 m 2 x 1 mm2
Classification IP66, class II; use code for class I
Impact resistance IK10
Weight max 11 kg
Wind sweeping area 0.11 m2 (laterally)


LED circular Ø240, 64 diodes, CAT lenses
Operational life min 100,000 hours at ta max 25° C, L80B10
Temperature range -30 to +35° C
Colour temperature 3000 or 4000 Kelvin
Colour rendering min 80 Ra
Colour accuracy 4 steps SDCM
Luminous power 3000K: min 2100, max 6400 lm, CLO
4000K: min 2300, max 7000 lm, CLO


Driver for 9801 Xitanium Full Xi FP 75 W 0.2-0.7 A, programmable
Inrush current max 46 A (50% after 250 µs)
Operational input voltage, AC 150-264 Vac

Driver for 9802 Xitanium Full Xi FP 150 W 0.3-1.0 A, programmable
Inrush current max 53 A (50% after 300 µs)
Operational input voltage, AC 150-264 Vac

Nominal voltage, AC 220-240 Vac
Nominal voltage, DC 186-250 Vdc
Operational input voltage, DC 165-275 Vdc
Nominal input frequency 50-60 Hz
Operational input frequency 45-66 Hz
Max preprotection 16 A
Surge protection L/N-GND: 10 kV, (SR driver: 8 kV)
L-N: 6 kV
Service life min 100,000 hours
Dimming/control 8-100% programming range
Other control options DALI, Line switch, AmpDim
DALI via Zhaga book 18 socket

Variants and options


Item No. Way top entry
9801- Circular LED, max 7000 lm, programmable
9802- Circular LED, max 9700 lm, programmable

1715-0 Hanger for suspension in single wire
1716-0 Hanger for suspension in single wire, Way with SR socket

Combine with

Select colour, colour temperature, etc. in the table.

Colour Colour temperature
4 = graphite grey 830 = 3000 K, 80 Ra
9 = silver grey 840 = 4000 K, 80 Ra
17 = corten brown
66 = noir 900

Lead Dimming/control
2 = 2 pcs 2 m 1x2,5 mm2 empty = programmable
10 = 1 pcs 10 m 2x1 mm2 D = Dali (4-conductor cable)
F = phase
Z = voltage
R = Dali via Zhaga book 18 socket
RC = Zhaga book 18 socket, City Touch

Protection class
empty = class II
J = class I

Example product code: 9801-98402J = Way top entry, circular LED, CAT lenses, max 7000 lm, silver grey, 4000 K, 80 Ra, 2 m lead, class I

Media & downloads


Way top entry, silver grey, Brøndby Municipality, Avedøre Havnevej

More photos from Brøndby

Way top entry, 19,000 lumen and symmetrical optics for traffic roads

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Way silver grey, Brøndby Municipality, traffic road: Avedøre Havnevej

More Way in Danish municipalities

Way - "Showing the Way" - by the glowing ring - no glare

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Way with optics for traffic roads, 19,000 lumen

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Way and Sky at Sveavägen in Stockholm. The luminaires are equipped with SR sockets for smart city applications.

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Way, Sveavägen, Stockholm.

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Way with circular LED board and catenary lenses, Aarhus C. The opalised ring ensures pleasant light and offers optical guidance.

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Way, graphite grey - showing the way through Aarhus C

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The Way luminaires in Aarhus C are equipped with sensor-ready Zhaga Book 18 sockets.

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Way - City of Aarhus


Way, graphite grey, with circular LED board and catenary lenses.

More images from Aarhus

Way is ready for future smart-city applications by means of the Zhaga Book 18 socket at the top. 

More images from Aarhus

Equipped with a round board and catenary lenses, Way offers the power of 9700 lumen. The protruding opalised ring ensures the pleasant light even with a clear screen.

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Way with circular LED board, Langenæs Allé, Aarhus Kommune.

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Way with circular LED board, Langenæs Allé, Aarhus Kommune.

More photos from Aarhus

Way with circular LED board, Langenæs Allé, Aarhus Kommune.

More photos from Aarhus

Way with circular LED board, Langenæs Allé, Aarhus Kommune.

More photos from Aarhus

Way with circular LED board, Langenæs Allé, Aarhus Kommune.

More photos from Aarhus

Way is presented at the DOLL Living Lab.


Way at DOLL Living Lab. The grey finish is RAL 7024.

DesignAART designers

WAY is a flexible luminaire for side or top entry. It is designed the Nordic way to avoid light pollution and glaring.

WAY is made of only two components - the housing and the shade, and by very few, simple add-ons it can be mounted on arm or wire.

The shade is parallel to the ground but has a protuberant, frosted edge, which will enhance optical guidance. A visually glowing element with anti-glare function offers the friendly optical guidance on our way – driving or walking – literally “Showing the WAY”.

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