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The Tema luminaires are strong simplicity in material and design. The zinc-coated surface requires no maintenance. Minor damages to this coating will not cause corrosion. The voltaic element created by the zinc-steel reaction will simply heal up the wounds, and no corrosion will occur.





Material Hot-dipped galvanised steel, wall box in cast aluminium
Shade Clear polycarbonate
Connection 5 x 6 mm2 terminal block
Classification IP44, class I
Weight 10 kg

LED and driver data

LED type Bridgelux Vero 10
Operational life min 100,000 hours at ta max 25° C, L90B10
Total consumption 12 or 16 W (350 or 500 mA)
Colour temperature 2700, 3000, or 4000 Kelvin
Colour rendering min 90 Ra
Colour accuracy 3 steps SDCM
Output ratio 80%

Driver Helvar LED driver
350 or 500 mA
Operational life min 50,000 hours



Item No. Tema Grønnegade 490
6866- 12 W LED, 350 mA
6867- 16 W LED, 500 mA

Combine with

Select colour, colour temperature, etc. in the table below.

Colour Colour temperature
9 = galvanised 927 = 2700 K, 90 Ra
930 = 3000 K, 90 Ra
940 = 4000 K, 90 Ra

empty = no dimming
V = 1-10 V
D = Dali

Example Item No.: 6866-9930 = Tema Grønnegade 490, 12 W LED, galvanised, 3000 K, 90 Ra

Media & downloads


Tema Grønnegade - 3-meter-houses, Silkeborg


Tema Grønnegade - 3-meter-houses, Sílkeborg.


Tema Grønnegade and Tema Bollard - 3-meter-houses, Silkeborg.

DesignTorben Rix, Leif Jensen & Ole Bruhn

Tema Grønnegade is designed in 1980 for the former Tema Lamper. It is part of a strong outdoor series: Klampen, Grønnegade, Tema Bollard, and Tema Park, all of which have the same design characteristics. The Tema luminaires are conceived in galvanised steel in order to withstand wear and tear in public areas. 

Cooperation between Tema Lamper and Focus began back in 1995, and year 2000 the two manufacturers merged into Focus Lighting.

Slide show of the Focus history available here.