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Simplicity by design is the principle behind Sticks 900 created by schmidt hammer lassen. The lines of the black or grey-enamelled aluminium housing are continued in single or double light slots in opalised plastic. At daylight, Sticks is simply part of the environment; at night, light predominates and the surroundings step into character.

Sticks is available with base for embedment or flanged base for mounting on solid ground.  





Material Aluminium
Coating Graphite grey: YW355F
Silver grey: Y2370I
Black: RAL 9005
Black: Noir 900 Sablé, SN351F
Corten brown: YX355F
Shade Opal-white, impact-resistant acrylate
With single or double light slit
Mounting Rooted or flanged base
Connection Max two cables, 5 x 6 mm2
Driver and 4A fuse in the bollard
Classification IP55 , class II; use code for class I
Weight 15.5 kg

LED and driver data

LED type Citizen Array CALD0414-M8L1
Total consumption
Single light slit 8 W (500 mA) or 11 W (700 mA)
Double light slit 15 W (500 mA) or 20 W (700 mA)
Operational life min 50,000 hours at ta max 25°C
Colour temperature 2700, 3000, or 4000 Kelvin
Colour rendering min 80 Ra
Colour accuracy 3 Steps SDCM
Output ratio 36%

Driver LED driver, 20 or 32 W
Operational life min 100,000 hours



Item No. Sticks 900 LED, single light slit
7840- 8 W LED, rooted base
7846- 8 W LED, flanged base
7843- 11 W LED, rooted base
7848- 11 W LED, flanged base

Item No. Sticks 900 LED, double light slit
7841- 15 W LED, rooted base
7847- 15 W LED, flanged base
7850- 20 W LED, rooted base
7849- 20 W LED, flanged base

Combine with

Select colour, colour temperature, etc. in the table below.

Colour Colour temperature
3 = black 827 = 2700 K, 80 Ra
4 = graphite grey 830 = 3000 K, 80 Ra
9 = silver grey 840 = 4000 K, 80 Ra
17 = corten brown
66 = noir 900

Dimming Protection class
empty = no dimming empty = class II
D = DALI J = class I
V = 1-10 V

Example Item No.: 7840-3830J = Sticks 900 single light slit, LED 8 W, rooted base, black, 3000 K, class I

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Sticks 900 in front of the Martin Light premises at Aarhus.


Sticks 900 in front of the Martin Light premises at Aarhus.

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Sticks 900 graphite grey - Mariager Salt Centre.


Sticks 900 graphite grey - sustainable housing at Lystrup.


Sticks 900 and Sticks 3000, Musholm Holiday Resort, Korsør.

More photos from Musholm

Sticks 900 and various Nyx luminaires in corten brown finish around the White House, Bryggen Esbjerg.

Designschmidt hammer lassen design

Sticks - and Square - are designed in 1999, and both designs have pathed the way within their fields of application.

The simple, minimalist design enhances the form, and the light is not dominant.

More about schmidt hammer lassen here.