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The simple main shape of the Sky lantern reflects the direction and natural spread of light and facilitates the interaction between design and lighting technology.

The high-quality materials and the elegant shape make the luminaire very suitable for a wide variety of functions. The cylindrical unit between lantern and pole offers the possibility of customized branding.





Material Cast aluminium
Coating Graphite grey: SW302G (close to RAL 9007)
Silver grey: MW300D
Corten brown: Mars 2525, YX355F
Black: Noir 900 Sablé, SN351F
Screen Clear polycarbonate with UV-resistant acrylate on both sides
Mounting On pole, 60 mm top diameter, or on 90 mm pole with 100 mm top pipe
In case of 90 mm pole, the connection ring 8005- is required.
4.5 m PKL-lead, 2x1.5 mm2, mounted in the luminaire
Connection In the pole
Classification IP66, class II
Impact resistance IK10
Weight 8.4 kg
Wind-sweeping area 0.143 m2 (laterally)


LED type Bridgelux Vero 18
Operational life min 100,000 hours at ta max 25° C, L80B10
Colour temperature 2700, 3000, or 4000 Kelvin
Colour rendering min 80, typically 85 Ra
Colour accuracy 3 steps SDCM
Luminous power 2700K: 1550-4550 lm, CLO
3000K: 1650-4800 lm, CLO
4000K: 1700-4900 lm, CLO
Luminous intensity class, 13201-2-2015 G*1
Glare index class D6
Output ratio 74%


Driver Xitanium Full Xi FP 40 W 0.3-1.0 A, programmable
Inrush current max 22 A (50% after 290 µs)
Nominal voltage, AC 220-240 Vac
Operational input voltage, AC 198-264 Vac
Nominal voltage, DC 186-250 Vdc
Operational input voltage, DC 165-275 Vdc
Nominal input frequency 50-60 Hz
Operational input frequency 45-66 Hz
Max preprotection 16 A
Surge protection L/N-GND: 10 kV, (SR driver: 8 kV)
L-N: 6 kV
Service life min 100,000 hours
Dimming/control 8-100% programming range
Other control options DALI, Line switch, AmpDim
DALI via Zhaga book 18 socket

Variants and options


8833- Vero 18, max 4700 lm, programmable, max 35 W

8005- Ring for Ø90 mm pole - combine with colour code
1713- Adapter for Ø76 mm pole - combine with colour code
8006- Powder-coated shade for asymmetrical light
3150- Ø90 mm galvanised pole, 3 meter
3151- Ø90 mm galvanised pole, 3.5 meter
3152- Ø90 mm galvanised pole, 4 meter
50202 Rooted base Ø62-90 mm

Fuse box for 90 mm pole
6949 DI Euro Mini, max two 4x16 mm2, class II
6949-J DI Euro Mini, max two 5x16 mm2, class I
50279 Nipa HSW 1194, max two 5x6 mm2

Combine with

Select colour, colour temperature, etc. in the table below.

Colour Colour temperature
4 = graphite grey 827 = 2700 K, 80 Ra
9 = silver grey 830 = 3000 K, 80 Ra
17 = corten brown 840 = 4000 K, 80 Ra
66 = noir 900

empty = programmable
D = Dali (4-conductor cable)
F = phase (Line switch)
Z = voltage (AmpDim)
R = Dali via Zhaga book 18 socket

Colour post Colour ring
4 = graphite grey 4 = graphite grey
7 = galvanised 9 = silver grey
9 = silver grey 17 = corten brown
17 = corten brown 66 = noir 900
66 = noir 900

Example Item No.: 8833-9830 = Sky Park, max 4800 lm, programmable, silver grey, 3000 K, 80 Ra

Media & downloads


Sky Park at Ø90 mm design pole - the connection ring can be used for branding, for instance with logo colour.


Sky Park, Ø90 mm pole, graphite grey with silver grey ring - Varde Town Hall.


Sky Park at Ø90 mm design post, silver grey with ring in graphite grey.


Sky Park matches the old houses in central Svendborg. Here in graphite grey on Ø90 mm pole with connection ring in the same colour. 

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Sky Park at Ø90 mm pole, pedestrian street in central Svendborg.

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Sky Park along the Warehouses by AART architects. Design post, 90 mm Ø, with design ring, all coated black.

More photos from Aarhus Waterfront

Sky Park at black design post at the waterfront in Aarhus East.

More photos from Aarhus Waterfront

Sky Park in the harbour area Aarhus East. In the background: Lighthouse by 3xN.

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Sky Park, corten brown, white ring with Skanderborg town logo 

More Sky Park in corten brown

Sky Park, corten brown, white ring with Silkeborg logo.

More photos from Silkeborg

Sky Park with the town logo of Greve Kommune characterizes the area around the town hall. 

More photos from Greve

Sky Park and post, silver grey, ring graphite grey, Greve Town Hall.

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Sky Park at Ø90 pole, graphite grey, with distance ring in the same colour.   


Sky Park at Ø90 mm design pole, graphite grey, with silver grey connection ring - Korsør Fæstning.


Sky Park in corten brown with white ring, Tistrup Bypark

More Sky in corten brown

Sky Park with adapter for Ø76 mm pole, Holland


Sky Park on tall, 60 mm poles, Linneparken, Växjö, Sweden.

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Sky Park on Ø60 pole, Linneparken, Växjö, Sweden.

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Sky Park, Utterslev Square, City of Copenhagen

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Sky Park in "Copenhagen grey" RAL 7024, Utterslev Square, City of Copenhagen

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SKY in the Municipality of Silkeborg. Here the Sky Park luminaires are mounted on galvanised standard poles.

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Sky is often used in residential areas - here in Silkeborg.

More photos residential areas

Cycling, Silkeborg

More photos residential areas

Mårslet at Aarhus, Sky Park on 60 mm standard pole. 

More photos residential areas

Mårslet, Aarhus Kommune, Sky Park on galvanised 60 mm standard pole.

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Sky Park at standard pole, Ø60, Højbjerg, Aarhus Kommune.

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Sky Park at standard pole, Ø60, Højbjerg, Aarhus Kommune.

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Sky Park at standard pole, Ø60, Højbjerg, Aarhus Kommune.

More photos from Aarhus

Sky Park at standard pole, Hasselager, Aarhus Kommune

More Sky images

Sky Park, silver grey, pole galvanised, Randers Kommune


Sky Park in Randers Kommune


Sky Park in residential area Søndermarken, Fredericia.


Sky Park and Nyx 330, Korskærparken, Fredericia.


Sky Park on 4 meter pole, Lyngbyvej, Copenhagen.


Sky Park, Kildedal Station, Ballerup Kommune


Sky Park, parking lot, Kildedal Station, Ballerup Kommune


Sky Park by AART designers

DesignAART designers

AART designers have created Sky as a minimalist luminaire blending discretely into its  surroundings. However, on second glance, it stands out and presents its elegant proportions, deliberately contrasting materials, as well as beautifully and functionally integrated lighting technology – both with the light on and off.

The name Sky originates from the vision of creating an undisturbed, almost invisible light from above. From an endless, evenly luminous and non-glaring sky.

Watch Morten Lasthein from AART designers describing the design process.

More about AART designers.