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The inner conical circles of the Pelée downlighters contribute to a comfortable, non-glaring spread of light. The family comprises luminaires to be recessed, surface-mounted, or suspended. 

The many variants make the family flexible and easy to use. 





Material Cast aluminium
Coating White, grey metallic, or noir 900
Mounting To be recessed, option for reinforcement of ceiling
Cut-out Ø149-154 mm in 6-15 mm plates
Ø155-158 mm in 15-35 mm plates
Clearances Horizontally: min 45 mm
Built-in height min 90 mm from lower ceiling edge
Connection Max two cables, 5 x 1.5 mm2, into 5-pole terminal block, 2 x 2.5 mm2
Classification IP20, class I
Weight 0.85 kg

LED and driver data

LED type Bridgelux V8
Energy consumption 12, 17 or 24 W
Operational life min 100,000 hours at ta max 25°C, L80B10
Colour temperature 2700, 3000, or 4000 Kelvin
Colour rendering min 90 Ra
Colour accuracy 3 steps SDCM
Output ratio 82 per cent

Driver Helvar LED driver, 500-700 mA
Dimmable at extra cost
Operational life min 50,000 hours

Variants and options


Item No. Pelée Downlight
2830- 12 W, 500 mA
2831- 17 W, 700 mA
2829- 24 W, 700 mA

2830-016 Reinforcement of soft ceilings, Pelée 160

Combine with

Select colour, colour temperature, etc. in the table below.

Colour Colour temperature
1 = white 927 = 2700 K, 90 Ra
9 = grey metallic 930 = 3000 K, 90 Ra
66 = noir 900 940 = 4000 K, 90 Ra

empty = without dimming
V = 1-10 V
D = Dali

Example: 2830-9927V = Pelée Downlight, 12 W, grey metallic, 2700 K, dimmable 1-10 V

Media & downloads

DesignCubo Architects

The inspirationen to the Pelée luminaires was found at the island of Martinique where the Pelée volcano has formed uniform steps of ashes and lava.

More about Cubo Architects.